We here a Optimum Web support the black community and support black lives.. We’re living in a time where a lot of things may seem chaotic but one thing is crystal clear this year 2020 . We recognize the true need for the justice system to be reformed . As we as the racial injustice that’s rooted in the systematic oppression of the African-American community.

We stand with the Black Lives Matter community forever , and until we have justice this page will remain on our site . We’ve come a long way , but there’s much more work that needs to be done .

We here at Optimum Web ARE a black owned and operated hosting and webdesign company that started small , out of Atlanta, Georgia in 1997.

As our business continues to grow , Optimum has a plan to invest a percentage of our profit back into the community . Our goal is , if we can do this as a group and gather more investors , we can fix and restore our tattered communities across this nation.

Join us with supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, #BLM. Support black business everywhere. and Never give up. Your dream starts here….

– message from the CEO